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Chain of Flowers brought their brand of noisey shoegaze-esque rock to Falmouth to enliven an otherwise lacklustre night in this Cornish seaside town.

The Welsh six man band packed Mono‘s tiny stage (which was perhaps a little more crowded than the two thirds full, blacked-out venue itself) forcing a wall of noise into the crowd at almost concussing levels as they blasted through their brief set.

Blasts of lead guitar and occasional organ lines cut through the post punk cacophony of feedback as the band’s post-punk vocalist bounced around at the audience, almost inspiring a bit of a reciprocal pogo.

Support came from fellow South Wales punks Artefact, a great second billing whose female fronted, Cure-esque goth rock carried overtones of Pretty Girls Make graves, with dark sounds matching their noirish outfits.

Another great warm up act came in the form of local band Tinned Fruit. A no-nonsense garage rock, they played loud and fast, driven by pounding drums and a surprisingly funky bassist vocalist who kept the crowd bouncing along.

Another local band, Gliders, made up the bill, fitting four bands for a fiver into a post-punk Sunday evening in this not-so sleepy coastal town.