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Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip had a good bit of new-fashioned fun this evening with a quick four songs interspersed with off-the-cuff humour and genuinely interesting insight.

Their short instore at Banquet Records was warming, both figuratively and literally as the crowd packed into the shop and straggled out the door.

After a short introduction, with one false start and some fake-sarky asides from Dan, or what appeared to be his disembodied voice from behind the counter, they kicked off with Stunner, Pip self-censoring the motherf*cker line after making eye contact with one extremely young fan (although as Dan pointed out without motherfuckers none of us would have been there).

Promising one more new song then a couple of old ones, and after having shed the first of his many layers (more would follow, but not enough for some of the audience), they started into new single Gold Teeth.

That was followed by a short foray into hip hop esoterica, which Pip obviously feels passionately, telling everyone to “take notes, there’ll be a quiz at the end”, which led in turn to an unusual Q&A (minus points for questions about beard, plus points for asking about the state of UK hip-hop, and more attention for the littlest fan, who proved to be quite shy after all).

They rounded off with the promised favourites Thou Shalt Always Kill (with its Stephen Fry reference replaced by XFM’s John Kennedy), read sermon style from a big old book, finally getting the crowd singing along, and Letter From God to Man, which took the form of an actual letter scrunched in Pip’s fist.

Then thanks were given to Banquet, and returned, before everyone trooped outside for a breath of fresh air, so that they could troop back in for photos and signings.

Apart from showing a genuine love for their fans, and for the medium, the two also showed they’re still tight, both as performers and as comrades in what they do. Following the recent success of their album launch, it all bodes well for their upcoming tour.