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Take hold of the coin. Any will do, but a larger diameter will produce a more controlled flip.

Designate sides, mathematically it doesn’t matter how, it’s statistically irrelevant. But if you usually call heads, to which option will you assign that face? And why?

Then flip. Just once. That’s important.

Thumb underneath, palm opening, ready to catch. Waiting to place, palm down, on the opposing wrist. But once only.

Best of three? Why best of three? Why do you now want to second guess fate? You left it all up to chance, why change now? You said just once. Could it be, perhaps, that you are unhappy with what the coin is telling you?

Fine, best of three it is. But if that goes the same way, what then? Best of five? Seven? Would you go up to 100, just to make it an even percentage?

And then, if you still want one more go, a decider, what does that tell you about your own choice, about the coin’s decision?

So flip. Once. Or not at all.

Your call.

Heads. Or tails.

*It’s not what the coins tells you, but what your reaction to the coin tells you.