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The crowd in Camden’s Barfly on Thursday was unsurprisingly eager to see TAT, in what amounted to a bouncing, boisterous homecoming from the widely toured band.
Returning to the scene of their first ever gig, Tatiana DeMaria, Nick Kent and Jake Reed threw everything into their first London gig in what seemed like forever, although the crowd took a little longer to warm up.

From opener Bloodstain, through Taking it All and early track Pessimist, the radiant DeMaria ricocheted around the stage, dousing herself with water between tracks to keep cool, and the crowd seemed content to sing along.

The bank of fans with cameras at the front probably served to keep things somewhat calm, at least for a while, but as the temperature and the tempo rose, so too did the energy levels.

Following a rendition of Here’s to You, dedicated to fan Marco who had flown in from Madrid and (perhaps unexpectedly) joined the band on vocals, things became more fluid, with a circle opening up on the floor and leather and denim clad guys more frequently appearing to jump into or onto the crowd.

Diamond Child saw more of the madness, culminating in a spectacular crowdsurf-to-faceplant transition, and the punk-rock frenzy continued through Become What I Deserve, I Don’t Want to Love You and Road to Paradise, though perhaps the metal stepladder thrown into the circle pit may have been a step too far.

With the crowd brought up to boiling point, a drenched TAT left the stage, but they wouldn’t be allowed to disappear completely.

Coming back for an encore, DeMaria said she didn’t think there was enough demand, and the crowd erupted for Never Enough, before skanking, moshing, fist-pumping and general carnage ushered in the end with the mission-statement anthem Live for Rock drew everything to a close, and the band trouped off into the embrace of their waiting fandom.

The small, familiar venue and troupe of dedicated followers sparked off perfectly with a band on top of their game, who gave their all in a frenetic, passionate performance, and set the Barfly alight.

Hopefully it won’t be so long til next time.

(Or even more hopefully, they’ll see fit to play Kingston one day (Selfish, but I can hope))

Thanks to @tatstreet for help with setlisting