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As they took to the stage on Thursday night, Franz Ferdinand looked to have weathered the last decade well.

Taking a break from a tour of summer festivals to appear at low key club-night New Slang, the Glasgow boys’ fresh faces belied their age, as did the verve and energy with which they belted out ten years of hits.

While the angular guitars and dancey hooks were still abundant, Alex Kapranos and co had toned down the art-rock hauteur of the early noughties, with a more relaxed look that fitted fun new album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.

The evening opened with title track Right Action, combining the usual dance vibe with a more bouncy, almost country feel, the lads were having a laugh. That was swiftly followed by classic Tell Her Tonight, and new track Evil Eye, before Kapranos and guitarist Nick McCarthy duelled guitars over Do You Want To.

Cooling down space was provided by Walk Away, Kapranos’ earnest timbre painting images of crumbling statues, mascara tears and static on Radio 4, followed by a couple more new album tracks, before the crowd picked up singing duties for Dark of the Matinee.

Take Me Out Was followed by the funky Love Illumination, before the crowd jumped the set to a close with a rampant rendition of Ulysses.

But Kingston wouldn’t let it rest there, and the band returned for louche, androgynous early single Michael, as the makeup started to slick a little with the sweat. Sadly the lyrics to Treason! Animals were left to tumble through the wasteland of McClusky’s acoustics.

As the band finished with the witty, and apt, Goodbye Lovers, it was hopefully more like au revoir, as the show and accompanying album promise a resurgent Franz Ferdinand have plenty left to give. Although perhaps another ten years may be too much to ask.