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The idea of a warm up show for a ten-year reunion gig, on a wet Tuesday night in suburbia, is hardly anyone’s idea of a roaring good time. But Hell is for Heroes showed everybody how it was done, packing tonnes of post-rock energy into their brief forty-five minute set at the Peel.

For a first live gig in four years, the band were tight and well rehearsed, from the opening feedback of Five Kids Go to the final chords of Retreat, they played debut album The Neon Handshake, with barely a fault (save for the moment they seemed to forget the running order, well it has been over a decade years).

The crowd reaction lived up to the bands highly tense, loud and frantic style. In a stark, whitewashed room, sweaty twenty-somethings jumped, moshed, crowd surfed and punched the air at every opportunity. In true punk toilet-venue style, the lack of barrier between stage and crowd left plenty of opportunity for close contact with the band, and they allPhoto courtesy of Dave Coleman lapped it up.

There were some minor sound glitches, but nothing that can’t be worked out in Wednesday’s sold out follow up gig (which should be even better, considering Tuesday was the second date added). Ears ringing and drums still pounding in their heads, fans from as far away as Aberdeen, and even Belgium, staggered out happily into the night.

As far as nostalgia trips go, this one wasn’t half bad, and promises great things for Thursday and Saturdays shows supporting Hundred Reasons. Imagine how warmed up everyone will be by then.